Vivian Maier

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Edited by John Maloof
Foreword by Geoff Dyer

The first official photobook of a street photographer, Vivian Maier has finally arrived!
You can see the vivid and vibrant street scenes of a big American city after WWII, 1950's in this book.
According to foreword of this book, she never shared any of her works with the world.
More than 100,000 negatives(remember these are medium format images)
for about 40 years from 50's to 90's are finally released to the world. 
As you may notice easily, she seemed to use a Rolleiflex TLR camera for most of her works.
Simply amazed at her ability to capture those brilliant snaps as well as
skills required to handle this image-reversed screen camera.
Through her works in this book, she seemed to enjoy taking portraits of herself
whenever she noticed her reflection in the street.
Mostly no smiles. It seems to me that she likely had a poker face like me,
but finally she revealed her smile at a moment from the last picutre in this book.
This would be my favorite picture of her. 
Her very opinionated look simply melted away in this pics. 

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