A scattered life


Manhattan, NYC 2011

                                                           Ongoing collection of street images from NYC

I don't believe there is best photo of mine. There is no such thing in my life as well.
One picture may catch my eyes one day but it may be forgotten later.
Instead another image which has been sleeping in my folder may hit me.
Sometimes those 'discovered' images resonate me and become my favorite.
Those my favorites are more like personal.
Doesn't matter whether others like or not.
And doesn't matter whether those images are good or not.

To me, photography is very much subjective form of art. 
Art is like a living creature and it is like a fluid.
It will form its shape and evolve into different phase accoring to your sensitivity
and your visions at that moment.
It just strikes you and hits you at a certain moment of your life.
Any forms of art can teach how to be a human being as an indivisual spirit.
It doesn't matter whether what other people say about my work,
because they are all subjective animals as well.
There are no right or wrong photography as much as other forms of art.

So you are all RIGHT!  

Therefore, there is no such best photo of mine at all,
but my favorites and cherished.

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