Cartier-Bresson et Geometrie

'Frist of all, the photographer(Cartier-Bresson) looks for a background that seems to him to have an interesting form. Sometimes it is a wall running parallel to the forground of the image, or a space proprotional to the graphic lines already supplied. Then he waits for one or more living, moving creatures - children, a man, a dog - to take their place within this constellation of forms, in what he calls a simultaneous coalition. Thus one element of the picture's geometry is premeditated, while the other - in fact, the more important element - comes about by sheer chance. Contrary to what one might expet, then, Cartier-Bresson's compositions have not been carefully thought out in advance, but are seized instantaneously as a result of an intuitive awareness.'  

                                                        Peter Galassi, a curator of the photography department at MoMA

'If you start cutting or cropping a good photograph, it means death to the geometically correct interplay of proprotions.'
                                                          Henry Cartier-Bresson, <The Decisive Moment >

찍은 사진을 잘라내지 않고, 35mm 필름에 찍힌 그래도 인화했던 까르티에 브레송의 철학을 엿볼 수 있는 말이다. 그리고 그의 사진집에서 왜 선정되었을지 이해가 안가던 그런 사진들이 다소 이해가가는 부분이다. 특히나 사진기 자체가 그의 분신처럼 되지 않는 이상 기술적으로 이런 것들을 필요한 때에 기록한다는 것은 더욱 힘든 일이라 생각한다.

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